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10 Things that you should know before buying a dishwasher

Shopping for a dishwasher can be quite hectic especially if you walk into an electronic shop. You will end up seeing lots of dishwashers all with the same height, width and sometimes even finish. On top of that, if you’ve been relying on the same old model for years, any of these dishwashers would seem like an upgrade. So how do you decide which one is best for you? 

Luckily, you are in the right place. Besides the fact that I’ve already listed 10 of the best dishwashers in the market, I’ll also show you how to shop for a dishwasher. That’s doesn’t mean I doubt your shopping skills. I’m sure you are probably better than me. 

However, when it comes to the dishwasher, I’ve had to replace mine quite a number of times. Therefore, this article is solely at your best interest. I’ll also add a few nitty-gritty details that will help you have the best experience with your new dishwasher. 

Dishwashers are some of the most useful tools in any home. Almost all newly built homes have dishwashers. This is actually why this equipment is widely known and used. With that in mind, here are some of the things you need to know before jumping into the wagon.  

Things you need to know before buying a dishwasher

Hidden Helper

Have you been looking for a house help without any luck? If yes, then this section is for you. It’s not easy to get the right person that you can trust with your home and kids as you go to work on a daily basis. That’s probably the reason why you still haven’t found one. 

But I’m sure you still need a solution especially when it comes to house chores. And since you can’t force your kids to help you out (they are probably too busy with their phones or are too young) then you need a quick fix. That’s where a dishwasher comes in. This is a helper that will never complain or tire. 

Buying a dishwasher will completely change your life. You don’t have to consistently wash the utensils every single day. Simply use the dishwasher to help you clean as you continue doing the rest of the house chores. 

On top of that, dishwashers can easily blend with some of your best kitchen appliances and cabinetry. You can customize your cabinetry panels to actually match your dishwasher and voila! You have the device of your dreams with an absolutely amazing kitchen theme. 

Think twice before Buying a dishwasher

To help you reduce the headache of choosing which dishwasher best suits your need, you need to put several things into consideration. These include Size, Special features, latest advances in tech and price. 

The noise of the device

In most cases, it’s actually pretty hard to hold a conversation when your dishwasher is on. But thanks to innovations, these machines have gotten quieter over the years. Always check for the noise range of your device.

You might still have to do some cleaning

This might sound like an oxymoron but it’s not. I’m sure you are probably wondering how a machine that helps you can clean plates needs cleaning. Imagine, all the dirt on your plates pass through the dishwasher! Meaning over time it might also need cleaning. 

The beauty of the dishwasher is that they are designed to clean even the stubborn stains. You will only need to adjust the temperature to deal with the toughest baked-on food. So you are not losing anything with this machine.

Dishwashers share plumbing with your sink

Your dishwasher will have to share the same plumbing system as your sink. Therefore, in case your dishwasher isn’t able to hold all the plates at once, you will obviously need a nearby sink. You also have the chance to buy a bigger dishwasher. Or you can easily choose a model that comes with an adjustable third rack in case you have flat items such as broiler pans. 

Size of your kitchen

Even if you imagine that your kitchen is the smallest on the planet, there’s always a dishwasher that can fit in that space. You can look for slim models that will take up very little counter space. 

On top of that, you can look for dishwashers with drawers. Or you simply look for a dishwasher that will fit on top of your counter or sink. They all still do the same function in your kitchen. 

What can you wash in a dishwasher

If you don’t have any experience with a dishwasher, I’m sure probably think that all kitchen utensils are dishwasher safe. But that’s not entirely true. Baby toys, plastics, scratch pads, toothbrushes, bottles, and cans are all dishwasher safe among others. 

But wooden items, hollow-handle knives (check out my review on kitchen knives), plastics that are not labeled dishwasher safe among others are not. Meaning you might ruin your utensils plus your dishwasher if you place them inside the device. 

Raise your kitchen

You will probably need to redesign your kitchen after buying a dishwasher. With that in mind, when doing renovations, you need to go easy on your back. Raising the dishwasher to about 14 inches above the ground will make off-loading and loading easier. This also gives your countertop a good height for the best microwave oven

Go Green

With the recent increase in the electric billing system, you will have to look for a machine that’s energy efficient. This will obviously reduce your electric bill. Check out for dishwashers that are energy saving. 

Dishwashers are more water saving that hand washing

A survey showed that homes with dishwashers used less amount of water compared to homes that didn’t have these devices. Therefore, not only will it save up on the electric bill, but it will also reduce your water bill. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Dishwashers are probably a must-have in any home. Regardless of your preferences, you need to look for a dishwasher that will suit your needs. If you are still in search of some of the best dishwashers in the market, then check out my hand-picked list of the best dishwashers. I guarantee you that it’s worth a look. 

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