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Toasters for your Kitchen – Here are the Top 10

Toasts have long been one of the most beloved comfort foods. They are easy to make, affordable and delicious. For many individuals, the charismatic aroma of bread converting into a beautiful brown version of itself brings forth childhood memories. The toast has transformed over time. While people have been devouring buttered toast and eggs at dinner for decades, it became a fancy when restaurants started serving artisanal toasts. Nowadays, the avocado toasts are a hot trend. If you do not want to spend a huge amount of money on buying toasts outside, you have the option of making them at home by getting a reliable toaster. However, it is important for you to carry out proper research when trying to find the best toasters for kitchen that can brown your bread to complete perfection.

Top 10 Toasters for Kitchen

There are basically two varieties of toasters that can be used for savoring home-made toasts and they are the conventional pop-up toasters and the toaster ovens. Here, we will be having a look at the top 10 pop-up toasters that are available in either two-slice or four-slice options. The model that would serve to be perfect for you will completely depend on the size of your kitchen and the size of your family. Two-slice toasters are best for singles living in studio apartments where here is not much countertop space available in the kitchen. The four-slice toasters are perfect for families of six living in oversized homes. Have a look at the top 10 toasters that can make your mornings more comfortable and easier.

Cuisinart Countdown Four-Slice Toaster

This is one of the best toasters for kitchen and is also considered one of the most beautiful models in the toaster category mainly because of its stainless steel and sleek design that makes it stand out from the others available in the market. The best thing about this product is that it offers beautiful-brown toast. It features a total of seven browning settings ensuring that you will be able to take the toast that you like the best. You have the option of going for barely-there browns to the super-crispy ones. The versatile settings of this item are just the beginning of what makes the Cuisinart toaster so much better in comparison to its competitors.

Exclusive Settings and Controls

The product features slots that are 1.5 inches wide and they give the users the scope of toasting different items like artisanal bread, English muffins, bagel halves and pastries. There are two sets of powerful controls that will help you in toasting bread on varied settings. You would not face any problems if you are looking to plop a cool waffle or the other bread products in your toaster. You will find a defrost button that thaws out bread prior to toasting it. In addition to this, there is a reheat button that warms up toast expertly without browning it further.

Oster Jelly Bean Two-Slice Toaster

This is probably the best budget toaster for the kitchen. It is an adorable model that has the potential of easily competing with some of the best toasters for kitchen known for their performance. There are many users who are of the view that this toaster resembles the Volkswagen Beetle. Quite similar to the luxurious car, this little chic toaster is available in varied colors with purple being the most popular one. The other best color options include gray and red. Its glossy finish ensures that it will serve as the shiniest addition to your cooking space.

Tiny Little Toaster with Great Functionalities

This is a tiny toasting device that weighs around 3.44 pounds and is 7 inches wide. However, do not allow the cute appearance of this machine to fool you. Yes, it will take very little space ion your kitchen because of its compact built but it offers some of the best toasting features. It comes with many of the same features as the top picks in the list of the best toasters for kitchen. These include features like defrost, bagel, seven browning settings and even cancel functions.

Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Toaster

The Breville Die-Cast 4-slice toaster is the best expensive toaster that speaks of high quality and a gorgeous design. It is simply one of the best toasters for kitchen that money can buy. It has got all the bells and the whistles needed for making it the top pick in the category of toaster for kitchen. And it comes with a total of twelve browning settings which is quite a whopping number. The browning settings of this product come accompanies with five other setting options including bagel, cancel and frozen. The other two are trademarked buttons. There is this “A Bit More” button that gives users the scope of adding extra toasting time.

Exclusive Features of the Breville Toaster

Another best feature of this toaster from Breville is its “Lift & Look” button that automatically increases and decreases the carriage. This means that the users can check the progress of the toasting procedure without disturbing the toasting cycle. There is also an LED panel that lights up according to selected settings. The panel even counts down the time left for the toasting cycle to complete. There is a beep indicator that can be made softer or louder for informing that the cycle has been completed. This is the only virtual sound that the users can hear from this otherwise blissfully silent appliance.

Kitchen Aid Proline Toaster

The Kitchen Aid Proline Toaster is a two-slice model that is available within an affordable range. It comes loaded with some of the best features and does almost everything except placing the toast physically inside the user’s mouth. Its self-centering and automatic lifting and lowering shelves sense when the bread is loaded and when it has reaches the desired toasting shade or browning. One of the most unique features of this product is its Keep Warm function that keeps your bread toasty and warm for more than three minutes once it has been toasted. This helps in preventing the consumption of toast that is not at optimal temperature.

The Best Toasting Option for All the Family Members

Another great quality of the Proline toaster is that it possesses the ability of toasting frozen products along with bagel. This means that the entire arena of toasted carbohydrates will be right at the tip of your finger. It comes with seven toasting and browning settings and it is probably one of the best toasters for kitchen guaranteed to serve as an option for each and every member of your family.

Bella Pro Series 90062

Gluten-free bread tends to be denser and thus it does not toast in the same way as regular bread. This drawback was taken up by Bella and the company added a gluten-free setting to its tow-slice Bella Pro Series 90062 toaster. The product works as per its claims transforming gluten-free bread into a nicely browned toast on both the sides. One of the best things about this product is that it does everything for the user without taking up much time. The users do not get to know when their bread actually turned toasty and brown. Such is the work procedure of this item. Overall, the model combines reasonable price and top performance making it to the list of the best toasters for kitchen. It is available in black color and is made of stainless steel material.

Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Though this toaster is in the category of expensive toasters for kitchen, it is a model that churns out browned toast consistently and to complete perfection. The multiple features and well-thought-out design of the product make it one of the most flexible toasting options for the lovers of home-made toasts and other delicacies. It is hands down one of the best toasters for kitchen coming with the same functionality as the Breville Two-Slice toaster but with a bit more of controls and settings that will give you perfect quality toasts.

Top Quality Browning Guaranteed

If you are in the look out of a four-slice toaster that offers top quality browning and toast along with flexible features then the Breville BTA840XL would be the right option for you. It has been built in the form of a burnished steel container and takes up a little more space on the kitchen countertop. Unlike the other four-slice toasters available in the market, the one from Breville does not come with a mechanical lever. It lowers bread in an automatic manner into the slots when the user pushed the “Toast” button. It comes with indicator lights that indicate the temperature settings. There is even a single beep sound that alerts the users conveniently about the completion of the toasting cycle.

Smeg Two-Slice Toaster

This is the best toaster for the ones who are design-obsessed. You will simply love this model because of its award-winning retro and chic appearance and also because it browns bread in the most beautiful manner. It is a high-end and eye-catching toaster that has been successful in nabbing several design awards. It is available in six colors which include pastel blue, red, black, pastel green, chrome and pink. The solid powder-coated steel built of this model looks great. The toaster can even be cleaned and maintained very easily. The chrome base and backlit chrome knob are features that add a sophisticated appearance to the product. Another perfectly positioned accent of this item is its ball lever knob that has been made of top quality stainless steel.

Highly-Regarded Modern Toaster            

The Smeg 2-slice toaster is a modern appliance that comes loaded with some of the most exclusive features majorly found in the other highly-regarded toasters of the present times. It features six browning settings along with cancel, defrost, bagel and reheat functionalities.  It even features an extra-wide crumb-removal tray that pops-out very easily on the touch of a button.

Cuisinart Two-Slice Toaster

The Cuisinart Two-Slice toaster is a sleek machine that toasts evenly and perfectly. Despite its minuscule size, it features a clean crumb tray at its bottom and offers top quality browning. The toasters from Cuisinart are known to near perfection and this two-slice model from the company is no exception. It is a simple device that offers great durability within quite an affordable range. It will not make your kitchen countertop appear cluttered or messy because of its sleek and small design. The best thing about this product is that it offers perfectly golden brown  toast and that too without having to spend much on getting it and on its maintenance.

West Bend TEM4500W Quick Egg Bagel and Muffin Wide Slot Toaster

This is a high function and popular toaster available for toasting bagels, breads and croissants. Its stylish black design tends to be highly attractive. One of the most exceptional and important features that make this product one of the best toasters for kitchen is egg boiling in soft or hard way. Another great feature is that you get the scope of heating up your precooked meats in this toaster conveniently. You can easily boil around 8 eggs at one time. The item includes a meat tray that can not only be used for hating meat but also for cooking vegetables. There are variable toasting and browning settings that can be used for choosing high and low temperatures whenever food needs to be toasted.

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Long Slot Keep Warm Toaster (24810)

There are very few American toaster brands that are popular for providing good quality slice toasters. The toasters from Hamilton Beach are one of them. High performing, reliable and handy, the toasters from this brand are one of the favorite choices not only for the Americans but for the other people around the globe.


With the best toasters for kitchen, you can easily satiate your craving for crispy bread, crumpet and bagel. These products can also help you in toasting leftover sandwiches in the best way possible.

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