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The Best Sets of Kitchen Knives 2019 – Top 10 Kitchen Knife Set Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you are a master chef, wannabe or just need to get dinner on the table, I believe that it’s the right tools that will make everything a success. And when I’m talking about the right tools one of the major things you need to consider is the ideal kitchen knife set.

Any professional will tell you this; a knife is never just some nice accessory that should sit on your countertop. With the right set of knives, it simply means you are ready to face anything in the kitchen. And this is just the key to making that first class meal you see in your favorite cook-guide YouTube channel.

In this article, therefore, we have reviewed some of the best kitchen knife sets that we tested. Some of the tasks included in the tests included; dicing, slicing, chopping, cutting and so much more. We understand with the many options in the marketplace, it can be quite confusing to choose the right knife set.

That is why we have saved you all the trouble by giving you a list of the best kitchen knife sets that were handpicked by our team. Also, I will include a buyer’s guide that will help you know how to choose the ideal knife for the next time you go shopping.

Review of the 10 Best Kitchen Knife Sets

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

Are you looking for some of the best brands out there when it comes to cutlery? Well, search no more! Mercer cutlery has some of the best kitchen knife sets in the market. This particular one features a 6-piece kitchen knife set that comes in a tempered black of glass.

The set features 5 of the major categories of cutters in the Genesis line. Basically, it includes the boning knife 6 inches, a 3.5 inch paring knife, a serrated bread knife- 8 inches, chef’s knife- 8 inches, utility knife-5 inches. The best thing amount this knife set is that it has no redundancies when it comes to its size or style.

Every single blade in the entire knife set has its construction under the high-carbon stainless German steel. This means that the knives are highly resistant to rust and corrosion and more to that they have an incredible stain-free performance.


  • Incredible non-slip handles even with wet hands
  • Easy to assemble glass block
  • Sturdy and professional knives
  • Hand polished edges for long-lasting sharpness
  • High quality and durable materials are used


  • Edges losing sharpness after a few months which seems like a maintenance and care issue

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Victorinox Knife Block Set 8-piece

Here what we go is a set of highly functional and attractive 8-piece kitchen knife set of some of the most common kitchen cutters. The set includes; a 4-inch parer, 8-inch chef’s knife, 6-inch boning knife, 10-inch slicing knife, 8-inch bread knife, kitchen shears, 10-inch sharpening steel as well as a bench wood block with 9 slots.

Of all the knives in this set, the 8-inch chef’s knife has received so much praise from the consumers thanks to its incredible performance. Each of the blades in this set is crafted from stainless steel materials. Also, you will love the fact that it is stain resistant and hard enough, therefore, may not be easily damaged.

The most incredible and unique feature in this set of kitchen knives is the fact that it comes with a fine balance despite being tough and sturdy. Also, it is light in weight hence giving the users the comfort they need while working in the kitchen.


  • Each knife has a finger guard for safety reasons
  • It is a low maintenance knife as it has fewer crevices that tend to trap food particles
  • Angled bench wood block for easy access and providing a kitchen safety where sharp edges are kept away
  • The knives are dishwasher safe
  • Well shaped and comfortable handles that provide a secure grip


  • The kitchen shears have a cheap construction

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Cuisinart 15-piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

Are you looking for a knife set that will help you perform just about any task in the kitchen? Well, look no further! This kitchen knife set from Cuisinart comes with 15 pieces of knives which will help with most of the kitchen tasks.

Some of the things you will love about this knife set are that it has carbon stainless steel blades which ensure you have the ideal accuracy and precision when performing tasks in the kitchen. More to that, the knives also come with durable and strong bolsters for the ideal control and stability during usage.

What’s more, the knives have ergonomically designed handles with stainless steel hence proving ultimate comfort. The thing I love most about this set of knives is that each one of them has easy to clean and tapered blades that narrow down to a sharp and fine edge.


  • The knives come with ergonomic designs
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning procedures
  • Sleek design
  • Strong and durable materials used in construction


  • Some customers have complained of the small handles which make it tough to work

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Cuisinart Advantage Colour Collection 12-piece Multicolour Knife Set

Are you that person who doesn’t really mind adding some little fun in their kitchen? Well, off that’s the case with you, this multicolor 12-piece knife set might be just what you have been looking for. the knife set is bright and very colorful and besides that, each knife is great in handling the designated tasks effectively.

The set includes; 6 blade covers and 6 knives. The knife blades are made from high-quality materials which feature the stainless steel as well as a non-stick coating. This makes it easy to chop and slice things in the kitchen. And the best thing about this knife set is the advantage the multicolor gives.

Besides adding some elegance and fun to your kitchen it ensures that there is no cross-contamination between foods, especially during preparation. More to that, the knives come with matching blade guards as well as ergonomic handles.


  • Colour coding to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Non-stick color coating
  • Ergonomic style for the handles
  • Quality Stainless steel blades
  • Matching blade guards for each knife


  • The knives have an issue with giving clean and smooth cuts

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Chicago Fusion 18-piece Block Set Cutlery

This is a striking knife set that comes with complete 18-pieces. Inclusive is a pine storage block as well as 8-inches built-in sharpening steel which helps to ensure that the knives stay sharp.

Also, this kitchen knife set includes a utility knife, peeler, chef’s knife, santoku, slicer, bread knife as well as a stainless steel knife sharpener. More to that, the knives in the set are made from professional stainless steel blades and comfort grip handles that gives you ultimate convenience when working in the kitchen.

Also, the knives come with the new technology taper grind edges which offer optimum sharpness for ultimate precision when cutting.


  • The knives are easy to sharpen
  • Stain resistant blades
  • Strong and durable materials used in construction
  • The comfort grip poly handles give you incredible control and balance


  • Can only be hand washed
  • The knives don’t align well when put in the slots hence messing with the presentation

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Home Hero 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Stand

This happens to be one of the most impressive kitchen knife sets we have in the market today. It features a carving knife, a bread knife, paring knife, chef’s knife all of which help in the preparation of various meals in the kitchen.

All in all, the set is not yet complete without the sharpener, holding stand as well as the finger guard that ensures you have ultimate safety in the kitchen. More to that, this set of kitchen knives is made from high-quality stainless steel materials which are accompanied by a laser finish.

This gives the knife a smooth and clear grain finish on the blade. In addition, the knife sharper comes with two sharpening modes which include the coarse and fine sharpening. I must say this is the ideal knife whether you are a professional or just an amateur in the kitchen.


  • Stainless steel durable blades
  • The knife stand comes with anti-slip feet
  • It’s a versatile kitchen knife set in that it can be ideal for a home cook or professional
  • It features a premium design and look


  • The knife handles are made from cheap materials hence can break easily

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OxGord Professional 8-piece Multi-Use Kitchen Knives

This is another set of colorful and beautiful knives that can add a little fun to your kitchen. The set features 8 pieces including carving knives, a utility knife, paring knife, pizza knife, cheese knife, bread knife, chef’s knife and a ceramic vegetable peeler as a bonus.

More to that, each piece of the set features an ergonomically designed handle that offers an easy grip and ease to use. In addition, each of the knives boasts of high-quality stainless steel blades which are built to serve for an extended period of time.

Besides that, the knife blades come with a non-stick coating finish which makes it easier to cut and clean each knife. And best of all the knives can maintain their sharpness for quite some time so you don’t have to worry about them getting dull.


  • Lightweight knives hence give you ease of use and control
  • The knife set makes a great gift
  • The knives feature high-quality materials
  • They have an easy to hold the handle
  • The blades maintain their sharpness for long


  • The knife set doesn’t come with a knife holder

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Utopia Kitchen Premium Class 6-piece Kitchen Knife Sets

As the name suggests, this is a gorgeous premium 6-piece kitchen knife set. It features a utility knife, paring knife, bread knife, chef knife, carving knife to help you take care of most of the activities in the kitchen.

The most outstanding thing about this knife set is the clear acrylic stand. This is because it allows you to beautifully and safety display the entire set in your countertop. More to that, you will love the fact that the knives are all made from the quality and durable 420 stainless steel.

Also, they have a solid design, therefore, you don’t have to worry about the knife handles ever falling off. The conservative thickness of the blades is also something that you will definitely love in this set of knives. This elite design simply ensures that you have full and easy control of the knife.


  • The knives are made from high quality 420 stainless steel
  • The knife handles are easy to hold
  • Also, the handles have an ergonomic design
  • The knife stand features a clear and beautiful display set


  • If left with some water on, these knives could easily rust

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High Altitude Fine Cutlery 9-piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Are you craving to look and feel like a pro when working in your kitchen? Look no further, this is one kitchen knife that will make your dream come true. It’s the ultimate set of cutlery that will help you be like a professional chef in your home kitchen.

The set can be available either in stainless steel or even black depending on your taste. The entire set features the professional grade stainless steel materials on the blades. More to that, it has an agronomical design in the handles hence give you just the professional results you need.

The complete set has 9 pieces including; a chef’s knife, sharpener tool, utility knife, paring knife, scissors, cleaver as well as well carved block stand that has slots for storing the knives safely with the blades hidden.


  • The set can make a great gift thanks to its packaging
  • The stand for storing the knives can rotate easily for ease in use
  • A professional unbeatable design and style
  • Convenient storage block where you can keep all your cutlery in one place


  • The knives can only be hand washed

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Wusthof Classic 7 Piece Knife Block Set

I don’t know about you but I feel like this is just the right set for anyone who would like to unleash their kitchen prowess. The 7-piece set features a precision forged from stainless free high carbon materials hence giving you a high-quality feel.

More to that, the full tang of the knives has been riveted triple in order to give the user full and ultimate control. The edge sharpness retention feature in the knives makes work easier for you. In that, you don’t have to keep on sharpening the blades every now and then.

Also, the half bolster in the knives makes sure that you can sharpen and hon the knives with a lot of ease while at the same time providing added balance to the knife when in use. Lastly, the contoured handles of the knives give the user the ultimate comfort while still giving the whole design a contemporary appearance.


  • It has a stain and fades resistant handle
  • Comfortable fit from the contoured handle
  • High carbon stainless steel which offers ultimate durability
  • The knives have an edge retention feature


  • The logo on the block doesn’t match the one advertised

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Final verdict

With the descriptions above, we hope that you will choose the best kitchen knife set suitable for your needs. Ensure that before you make you pick you to check the design of the handle, the material used in the make and the sharpness of the knives.

The last thing you’d want is to have a dull knife in your kitchen or rather one that breaks the handle easily. Above all make sure that you maintain and care for your knives so that they remain sharp and in good shape.

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