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Top 9 Blenders that are Must in the Kitchen

The Best Blenders for Kitchen

Blenders are important home appliances that come with the ability of quickly pureeing and blending different varieties of foods. They work as the most effective and time-saving tools available in varied capacities. If these tools feature the right accessories, they can even be used for chopping and food processing. Nevertheless, all blenders are not the same and going through the list of top 10 blenders below will help you in choosing the one that best suits your requirements.   

Basic Blenders and Making Their Ultimate Choice

All blenders are designed and created equal, are they? Is it a simple task to buy a blender? Surprisingly, it is not. There is much more that goes into purchasing the best blenders for kitchen than you might actually think or consider. Deciding on the best blender require some of the most valuable resources like money, care and time. This is not an easy thing to do and there are several factors that need to be kept in mind when trying to get the right products for your blending requirements.

One of the most important things that you need to consider when trying to choose the best blenders for kitchen is the basic functionality of the device. If you do not find any information about whether a device in question offers food processing functionalities or has the ability of crushing ice, you must assume that the tool will only blend, stir, puree and mix thin batters, liquids, dressings and all kinds of cooked  foods and soft raw vegetables and fruits. Some of the best blenders for kitchen are as follows:

The Ice-Crushing Vitamix 5200

Best Blenders for Kitchen

The Ice-Crushing Vitamix 5200 is the right pick for the best blenders for kitchen presently available in the market. It is a device that comes with the potential of handling just about any activity that you throw at it in your kitchen. It is the precision and the power of the Vitamix blending technology that pulverizes anything that you put into the blender. And it blends even the smallest seeds to complete perfection. Offering the peak output of 2 horsepower, this is a blender that will give you the best of smooth drinks and that too in no time at all.

Look No Further for the Best Blender

While the price of this machine might scare away some people, it is quote important to have a clear understanding of the fact that if you are getting this product, you are actually paying for something that speaks of high quality and great performance. The blender also boasts of great durability and even if anything happens to the device, there is no need to worry as the product comes with a warranty of two years.  the item really stands out among the others available in the market. It is the perfect blending quality of this tool that makes it one of the best blenders for kitchen. It can shred anything, be it big or small.

NutriBullet Pro 900

This is one blender that has been marketed aggressively in the form of a multitasking machine that can transform your health around with different recipes that you can prepare using it. the blender has the ability of breaking down seeds and stems to get the most nutritional products. it can even mix different ingredients for producing the perfect smoothie. This is basically a 15 piece unit that comes with jars allowing you to change lids. All the pieces have been tailor-fitted and they easily slide into their definite place perfectly. It is an ideal machine for on-the-go individuals mainly because of the containers that come along with it.

Blender Suggested by Experts

According to experts, the NutriBullet Pro 900 is a multitasking and a powerful blender that serves be the perfect item for individuals who want to start with their regimen of having a healthy and fit life by indulging in tasty smoothies. It performs above par and though it is a bit expensive, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the best blenders for kitchen. It even comes with extra containers and a spare blade. These are some features that make it a worthwhile investment for big families and even for singles.

KitchenAid KHB1231CU 2-Speed Hand Blender

If you are a kitchen-gadget fiend then you will surely love the KitchenAid 2-Speed hand Blender that will prove to be useful and reliable for years to come. This blender is an indispensable part of your kitchen as it works beautifully when it comes to blending and mixing different ingredients. This is a tiny little device but comes as the best bet for individuals who are in the look out of compact and small tools for their kitchen. It will work perfectly fine for small kitchens and apartments. You can even use it in office for having your daily dose of healthy smoothie.

Blender that Prevents Splatter

Best Blenders for Kitchen

KitchenAid is one of the best brands known for making different types of kitchen and home appliances. This blender from the same brand is a well-made and designed product that can be used very easily. The price at which you can avail this tool is fine for middle class and low income group individuals. Also, the unit features a handy container that comes with a lid for blending and storing. You can blend ingredients in almost any container but it might be difficult for you to find the ones that come with tall sides that help in preventing splatter. You get this with the KitchenAid Hand Blender. This feature is highly useful especially if you are working with something that might result in staining or something that is hot.

Oster Beehive Blender

For the ones who are in the look out of affordable blenders for kitchen, the Oster Beehive Blender is the right choice. it is an easy to use blender that serves as the solid choice for homemakers and even for the ones working in office environments. The makers of this product have gone out of their way to come up with an exclusively designed blender that makes life easy for the smoothie enthusiasts. It perfectly blends ice, frozen fruit and all the different varieties of rough textured ingredients and that too without any major issue.

Powerful Blender with the Best Features

The Oster Beehive Blender is one of the most powerful blenders presently available in the market. It offers 600 watts of quality power that is enough for liquefying just about any ingredient. Convenient to use and easy to maintain, this blender comes with a 5-cuop glass jar that is BPA free. The machine does not take more than twenty seconds to blend the perfect and the healthiest smoothie. There is a one year warranty available with this product which means that you will not be losing out on sleep if anything happens with the machine. Thus, it can rightly be said that it is one of the best blenders for kitchen available in the recent times.

KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender – Contour Silver

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender is basically a countertop appliance that comes with endless versatility and options. The best thing about this versatile blender is its eight inch blending arm that perfectly reaches into the deepest of pots.  This device features the industry’s very first interchangeable bell blade assemblies that can conveniently be changed without the requirement of any tools. you just need to twist on and off for moving from one bell blade assembly to the other. Use the S-blade for perfect blending. This is a multitasking blade that can crush ice. It also works in the form of a beater or frother blade that froths milk. The unit comes included with a chopper and a whisk thus offering it greater versatility.

Everything in One Machine 

Use the KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender for blending, crushing, whisking and pureeing smoothies, baby food, sauces and soups. You can create limitless creations conveniently and quickly by using this magical blender in your kitchen. The whisk attachment can effectively be used for whopping egg whites quickly into fluffy creams and peaks. There is a pitcher that comes with a convenient handle and no-splatter lid. All in all, it is one of the best blenders for kitchen especially meant for health and fitness enthusiasts.

Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

Choose the Oster 12-Speed Blender for the sturdiness of its base and its high quality performance. There is absolutely nothing that sounds to be flimsy about this kitchen appliance. It is one of the best blenders for kitchen with the product designers at Oster putting in a good amount of effort and time in building this model. The ones who live in tiny apartments featuring diminutive kitchen spaces will surely fall in love with the Oster blender mainly because of the fact that this machine takes up very little space, all thanks to its compact design and make. It offers 70 watts of power which means it is a reliable blender. The 450 blending watts offered by the machine also make it one of the best blenders for kitchen.

Features to Die For

It is made entirely of stainless steel and features an exclusive 4-point style that whittles down almost any ingredient with complete perfection and incredible precision. The users get to make their choice between 12 varied settings ranging from pulse to puree. The glass jar of this blender is a 6-cup Boroglass that can easily be cleaned in any dishwasher. Users love the fact that the 2 ounce filler cap of this blender comes with markings for helping the users in pouring and measuring ingredients properly. While there are other blenders that take up a lot of time in blending ingredients, the Oster just takes 10 seconds for blitzing the toughest of ingredients. The blender chops bulky fruit, leafy greens and ice to perfection.

Vitamix S30

Best Blenders for Kitchen

The Vitamix S30 comes as the newest addition to the family of Vitamix blenders. This machine has been specifically designed for taking on the blending task stylishly. Ideal for travellers, this on-the-go blender and snacker is a blending connoisseur with restricted counter space. the largest container of this blender is just 40 ounces while its portable jar is 20 ounces. Nutri Ninja Blender

This blender from Nutri Ninja is basically a single-serve blender that has the potential of creating some of the best smoothies with style and quite fast as well. It offers 900 watts of blending power which means that it has the ability of creating the best of on-the-go shakes in style. It even performs nutrient extraction procedure bringing in the best of vegetable and fruit nutrients for the users. The only thing that you need to do is simply unlock the jar from the base, flip it and unscrew the blades. Put the sipping lid and have your favorite mixture handy.

Blendtec Designer 725

The Blendtec Designer 725 Blender is a versatile machine that comes with 3 peak horsepower. It is one of the best blenders for kitchen that has not got a match till now. this is a blender that pulverizes every ingredient in the best way possible.

Vitamix 750

This is a high-powered blender that will surely meet all your blending requirements in the best way possible. According to expert reviewers, this is the top pick in the category of the best blenders for kitchen at present, while it might appear to be a bit expensive, you must realize the fact that you are actually paying for a machine that will last for a very long time and will offer amazing performance at the same time. it is the durability of this tool that makes it easier for the users to use it on a regular basis without facing any major problems.

Finally, these are the best blenders for kitchen that you must get in order to spruce up your life in the most important part of your house.

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