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Top 20 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you are trying to become a master chef or simply you are just learning your way around the kitchen, this article is at your best interest. When it comes to the kitchen, there are a few kitchen tools that will upgrade your cooking experience. Well, there’s no better time than today to be alive. If you love to cook like me, you will agree with me that cooking has become way easier and more efficient. 

We’ve tried and tested a number of kitchen tools that should be at the top of your must-have kitchen gadgets list. That said, take a look at the list below for a more detailed description of each of the products. On top of that, we’ll also show you how each equipment will improve your kitchen life.

Best Popular Gadgets for your Kitchen

Instant Pot 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

More to that, it comes with a pre-set cooking program that has 14 cooking options. All these features are accessible from the large and easy to use control panel. Hence, this makes cooking such a breeze, especially during those busy days. What’s more, this instant pot guarantees you of consistent cooking results. 

Without a doubt, this Instant pot has proven to be the go-to gadget in any American home today. Here is a multifunctional cooker that can perform at least 7 cooking tasks effectively. This ranges from warming, steaming, rice cooking, pressure cooking, browning, and slow cooking to making yogurt. 

That is because, it comes with a built-in microprocessor that monitors the temperature, pressure, and cooking time. Also, it adjusts the intensity of heat and pressure in the pot accordingly. This ensures that you get tasty and healthy dishes. 

OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Well, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I’m never confident enough to open an avocado with a knife. Even with the best set of kitchen knives, I always freak out at the thought of slicing, my finger along. I love avocadoes, that’s for sure. But the fact that I’m never confident with knives always limits me from enjoying my favorite vegetable.

 However, today there is a well thought of avocado slicer that you definitely should invest in if you are like me. The avocado slicer will make everything way easier and safer. That is because the cutting edges are made of plastic materials. On top of that, it can do more than just cutting the avocado. 

You can also use it to remove the pit and make avocado slices when removing it from the core shell. With this gadget in your kitchen, you won’t be worried when your kids tell you they made guacamole while you were at work.  

Hamilton Food Processor- 70725A

A food processor is always a vital necessity for any kitchen. And it doesn’t get any better than the Hamilton food processor. Designed to be unique yet simple, the Hamilton food processor comes in an easy to assemble design. 

What’s more, the food processor is capable of holding up to 12 cups of content which will help you reduce the multiple batches. Simply prep your ingredients and put them in the processors. The machine will do the rest. More importantly, the Hamilton food processor comes with a built-in pour spout that helps to collect the drips that might fall off.

Additionally, the food processor features the S-blade that’s capable of slicing meat, nuts, and garlic among others. With this machine, you will no longer have to worry about slicing most of your food ingredients.

But you don’t have to stop there. This is merely just one of the best food processors of 2019. We’ve made an entire article on the best food processors in the market. You can also check it out for more details on food processors. 

Unfortunately, with every good thing comes to a few technicalities that would be wrong for me to overlook. When cleaning the Hamilton food processor, you will quickly notice that small tiny bits of foods are stuck in the safe tube. This will definitely take a few extra minutes to figure out how to properly clean the device. 

Regardless, the Hamilton food processor is quite useful to any kitchen set-up. You will quickly learn to rely on this device after the first few months. 

Non-stick Cooking Utensils

There’s no way you are going to cook without the right kitchen utensils. That said, the non-stick cooking utensils collection will actually do the trick. It’s an excellent value for your money. The kitchen cooking utensils feature 9 different pieces that are very helpful to your kitchen.

This kitchen set-up has absolutely everything that you need to prep, cook and serve any food. The beauty of this equipment is that it comes with a non-stick and dishwasher safe feature. Even with the best non-stick pan, you will definitely need non-stick cooking utensils. The non-stick feature makes it easy to clean up the utensils. 

More to that, the equipment is FDA approved and BPA free hence you don’t have to worry about any health concerns. Additionally, the non-stick cooking utensils will help you to protect your valuable cooking set. If you love your kitchen cooking set, then you probably need to buy the non-stick cooking utensils.

Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

What we got here is a versatile grinder that can grind almost anything you need in your kitchen. Ranging from nuts, beans to coffee and spices. However, most of the consumers prefer using this machine as a coffee grinder. In other cases, though, it also makes an incredible spice grinder. 

You’ll agree with me it’s never an easy task to mash your spices with a motor and pestle. That is why this machine is designed to make everything easier and effective at the same time for you. All you have to do when you have this electric grinder is to drop your granules or spices in the grinder. And with just a push of a button, you can get your preferred fineness. 

The grinder also comes with customizable grinding blades, which is my favorite feature about it. Meaning that you get to enjoy fast grinding with the oval design blades and large capacity grinding. I specifically love how the grinder perfectly grinds the coffee beans to drip the Espresso Coffee Makers in just a few seconds.  

Chef n’ FreshForce Citrus Juicer

You can make squeezing the lemons quite easy by using this manual citrus juicer. In more ways than one, it is similar to the Mexican style squeezers. The only difference is that this one comes with a gear system that helps to multiply the force. Hence, you don’t have to use a lot of effort to release the juice from your citrus fruits. 

The citrus juicer comes in a wide array of sizes. Therefore, this juicer can accommodate both large, medium-sized and small oranges and limes. This one right here is a medium-sized machine, therefore, it can handle quite diverse sizes of citrus. You get to easily make all your favorite juices from the comfort of your kitchen.  

The fact that it is made from stainless steel and nylon, you are assured of the durability of this citrus juicer. It is easy to clean and can be washed on a top rack dishwasher. In that case, if you are a lemonade or margarita lover, here is a chance for you to rejoice 20% more juice than what the conventional juicers can make. 

Multiple Handheld Cutting Aid Gadget tool

This is also another must-have kitchen gadget that most people tend to overlook. The Cutting aid helps to slice through lemons or tomatoes perfectly just like the Germany design. It will also help you perfect your kitchen skills while at the same time getting the best-sliced foods. You don’t have to struggle anymore when slicing tomatoes on a chopping board.

The device is 100% safe so you don’t have to worry about any health complications. On top of that, it’s eco-friendly and durable. One little secret is that this device works well with this best set of kitchen knives

The device is also quite easy to use and hold. It will be able to protect your fingers so you don’t accidentally slice through them. Another reason to get this device is that it comes with a 1–year warranty so you can shop with ease. 

That means in case you have any issues with the device, you can easily contact the manufacturers through email for a replacement. The cutting aid is also dishwasher safe. 

Compact Refrigerator-GE HC32TW10SV

A fridge in any kitchen is also a piece of important equipment. In here, you will be able to store all your perishable ingredients so that they can last longer. Also, it’s actually a good place to store leftovers. That said, the Compact refrigerator is one of the best fridges in the market today. 

The fridge stands about 33.5 inches from the ground hence giving you enough space to store most if not all of your perishable ingredients. The fridge also comes with a partial automatic defrost system. This part will automatically defrost the fridge. However, the freezer part will require manual defrosting. 

Additionally, the fridge has an internal lighting system that lets you see what you are doing. You will also get a full-width glass shelf that is capable of holding most of your kitchen stuff. Upgrade your kitchen with this device and I assure you that it won’t disappoint.

But before anything, you need to learn how to prevent fridge odor. Unfortunately, even with the best fridges in the market today, you are likely to have a nasty fridge odor if you don’t take care of your device. That is why with a bit of knowledge, you will be able to keep your fridge looking fresh and smelling nice.

Darth Vader Toaster

This is one kitchen gadget I’d say speaks for itself. You are missing out on a lot by not involving the Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster in your everyday meals. This toaster will effectively make your favorite English muffins, waffles, toast bread, and toaster pastry. The toaster features a compact toaster that can make at least two slices at a time. 

More to that, the toaster comes with a cool-touch housing reheat as well as defrost and a function for a quick stop. In addition, the toaster comes with an adjustable thermostat and a switch that can be switched on and off either manually or automatically. 

The most interesting thing about it is that with this toaster you get to add a brand name or even a logo on your toasts. On the other hand, the Darth Vader gives you the ideal crisp in your toast. Also, the toaster has a removable tray that holds the crumbs. This makes it easier to clean the toaster. You can also check out some more Top choices of Toasters for your kitchen in this article. 

NutriBullet 8-Piece High-Speed Mixer/Blender

Over the past years, this NutriBullet Mixer and Blender was one of the most sought-after kitchen gadgets. And that is for a good reason since it made everything way easier. At times when you are in the search of healthy solutions, you might end up spending a lifetime in your kitchen. However, with the busy work and family management schedules, this could be so time-consuming. 

That is why this NutriBullet Mixer and Blender, might be the ideal device for you. It ensures that you get the best of your healthy solutions ready in the least time possible. This device gives you incredible results without any fillers. Most of these store-bought healthy solutions could be so expensive and still have some additives that are not mentioned on the packaging. 

But with your NutriBullet, you will be sure of the ingredients in your protein shakes, the Green smoothies and a lot more. In that case, you get to enjoy the best drinks for both pre and post workouts. Without a doubt, this mixer and blender from NutriBullet are worth to be among the Top Must have Blenders for your Kitchen

Toshiba Microwave Oven-EM131A5C-BS

Microwaves are amazing machines especially if you are a fun of Chinese leftover or nachos. Microwaves make cooking side dishes a snap. It’s able to cook rice in less than 5 minutes. On top of that, microwaves are the perfect equipment when it comes to steaming veggies. Therefore, you will always need a microwave in your kitchen no matter what.

That’s an even more reason to check out the Toshiba microwave. The device comes with a built-in timer that’s a lifesaver. It also has pre-programmed sensor menu so you can easily heat-up some of the basic foods at optimum heat. From pizzas, veggies to potatoes and more. 

What’s more, the device comes with a large digital display that’s very easy to use. If you are a fan of Netflix and Chill, then this microwave will make your experience even better with the one-touch start popcorn. You will easily enjoy popcorns as you stream your latest episodes. 

The best part is that the machine also comes with a mute button that lets you reduce the buzzer of the microwave. Get the chance to warm up any of your leftovers in style or enjoy a good side dish using this machine. 

But you don’t necessarily have to settle for this machine. With my review of the 10 best microwaves for your kitchen, I guarantee you that you will find the perfect microwave for your needs.

DELLA Portable Dishwasher

Aside from the fact that dishwashers are more hygienic when compared to sponges, they also are able to clean tough stains. That is why every kitchen needs one of the best dishwashers in the business. For instance, the DELLA portable dishwasher. 

Having a dishwasher in your home will reduce the number of chores you do every single day. Therefore, you will be able to get into your cooking duties in a matter of minutes. Simply load all your dirty dishes and other cutleries into the machine and press start. 

More importantly, dishwashers come in handy especially during house parties or any family gathering events. You don’t have to spend most of your time in the kitchen while you miss all the fun that’s happening. The DELLA dishwasher is an impressive choice since it’s quite portable and ideal for small homes. 

Tovolo Tiki Pop Molds

Most people perceive ice pop as only snacks for kids. However, that is not entirely true. With this tiki-style pops, you have the chance to make some interesting ice pop for kids. At the same time, you could make some icy adult pops with any of the tiki styles. Think of some Pina colada pops or some margarita pops. That would be definitely breath-taking. 

Each of these molds come with different designs hence adding some fun to the pops. More to that, the molds come with handles that match the tiki style themes perfectly. I love the fact that these molds are made of silicone, therefore, it’s quite easy to take the pops out once they are ready. More to that, the silicone material makes them dishwasher safe. 

Also, you can find a couple of other designs too that will definitely be delightful for your kids. You can find robots, dinosaurs, and much more. The molds could also be used for a wide array of reasons when you are not making ice pops. You could use them to freeze herb oils, making ice cubes for soft drinks or even molding butter. 

Kitchen Aid Hot Sauce 2-Speed Hand Blender

I won’t deny that an immersion blender can do almost anything that a countertop blender can do. However, with the immersion blender, you get to enjoy a few more tricks that come with it. Well, it cannot crush ice like a countertop blender. However, you can use it to blend drinks, make mayonnaise, emulsify dressings, puree vegetables and much more. 

The best thing about this immersion blender that you will fall in love with is that it can blend soups and sauces in a cooking pot. More to that, the blender is the ideal choice for pureeing beans right from your iron frying pan. Incredible, right? If you like it when your kitchen appliances match, this blender comes in a variety of colors. 

The immersion blender includes a lidded blender cup that comes with side measurements. Although, you could still use your own measuring container. The blending arm of this blender is removable. Meaning that the cleaning procedure will be a breeze. The motor and cord of the blender will not get in the way during the washing. 

Fullstar Veggie Chopper

Aside from the Tomato chopper, here’s another choppers that might come in handy. The Fullstar Veggie chopper is a piece of versatile equipment that’s perfect for preparing salsa, salads onions and more. With this device, you will be able to slice through veggies in a professional and presentable way.

What’s more, the device is quite easy to use. The veggie chopper features four interchangeable blades that are made from heavy-duty, stainless steel. With these blades, you will be able to tackle even the toughest potatoes with ease.

The Fullstar veggie chopper is a must-have in any kitchen.  It can actually chop through green peppers which are quite a hard task. If you really want to take your cooking to the next level, then get yourself one of these and you won’t regret it.

Gourmia Meat Tenderizer-GMT9365

If you are a sucker for tender meat, then this section is for you. I love my steak a lot and will do anything to have a piece every week. But as much as takeout is a good option, sometimes I prefer having to cook steak at home. And the Gourmia meat tenderizer makes it easy for me to do it. 

This device can create perfect tender meats that are full of flavor and with that juicy softness. Every single bite will have you licking through your fingers. The Gourmia softens your meat to make it easier and faster to cook. 

Through the use of professionally sharp blades, the Gourmia meat tenderizer is able to create little pockets all over your meat. These pockets will absorb the heat hence reducing the cooking and marinating time. 

This will allow the meat to cook evenly while at the same time retaining its natural juices and flavor. You don’t have to add a lot of additives to achieve that sweet and tender taste. What’s more, the device is quite easy to clean and store. 

That’s major because it comes with detachable parts hence making the storage and cleaning process easier. It’s also super easy to use and very comfortable. This device can last for a long time since it’s made up of durable material.  It additionally comes with a safety lock so you don’t have to worry that you may punch holes on your hand accidentally.

Dishwasher Magnet with Clean Dirty Sign

If you are planning on stocking up a lot of kitchen appliances for the New Year. It’s probably because you will be doing a lot of cooking in your kitchen. At the same time, you will be doing a lot of dishes every now and then. In that case, this dishwasher magnet will help your family to distinguish whether or not the dishes in the dishwasher are done. 

This will be convenient for everyone since it will help avoid confusion. And at the same time, the dishwasher sign will help to avoid the dreaded ‘are these dirty?’ question.  The magnet sign is easy to use and fully visible for everyone to see. Also, it sticks to any surface that has embedded magnets. Or even the industrial sticky tabs. That means when you stick it on the washer it won’t be coming off anytime soon. 

With this clean/dirty sign you won’t have to suffer the frustration of washing a load of clean dishes all over again. Or even worse, place another load of dirty utensils in the cupboards. You’ll say goodbye to such confusion in your kitchen for good. What are you waiting for? Get this dishwasher magnet sign to diversify your kitchen experience. 

3-in-1 Magic Butter Knife

Here is an easy to use and versatile butter knife. With this knife, you will take your butter-spreading skills to a whole new level. Actually, the knife will not only spread the butter but it will also, curl and grate it perfectly. You will never have to worry about tearing your bread again when applying butter.  

Also, you have the chance to make some fancy additions when applying butter to your bread. In that, you can add some fancy sides as this knife got you covered on all that. The butter knife also comes with an ergonomic design. In that, it has beautifully balanced handles that fit effortlessly and comfortably on your hands. You will be surprised how this knife will feel as if it is custom made just for you. 

The fact that this butter knife can make interesting curls, fine ribbons and thin slices of butter you will finally be able to make delicate designs just like the chefs in exclusive dinner parties in your favorite TV shows. The best thing is that the knife could be used even on chocolate and cheese. Finally, this knife is easy to clean. 

Therefore, you are sure that all the food prepared with this knife is safe from contaminants. The fact that the knife has no serrated or sharp edges, it means that the knife is safe for use by kids.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Most people are not so cautious when it comes to mixing bowls. But this is also another crucial kitchen gadget. A mixing bowl is supposed to withstand even the best electric beaters and other kitchen tools. Otherwise, you will be collecting your ingredients on the table. 

Luckily, the stainless steel mixing bowls can handle the intense mixing of electric beaters. Also, the stainless steel set features a superior material that’s perfectly balanced between weight, function, and resilience. 

On top of that, the cleaning process of these bowls is quite easy compared to plastics which easily wear down and have a greasy feeling even after thorough washing. In most cases, we apply a lot of pressure when it comes to working with dough. The steel in the mixing bowls can actually handle it. 

These bowls come in a set of 6 which means you can do more than one activity in the same kitchen. You also have the chance to refrigerate your ingredients while they are still in this bowl. However, as much as these bowls are resilient to most forces, you need to take good care of them. After washing them, make sure you store the set in a dry and clean environment.

Kitchen Gadget Fish Scale Scraper

If you’ve ever cooked any fish delicacies, then you know why this device is important. With the scale scrapper, you will be able to remove all the scales on your fish. Well, fish scales are not edible at all. That’s something I’m sure you’ve learned from your local Chinese store. Regardless, if you love fish, then don’t forget to get one of these devices.

In summary…

As you have seen from the article above, there are very many kitchen appliances that you can add to your kitchen. Many of which you probably didn’t know they existed. These gadgets are meant to make your kitchen experience more interesting. Hence, you’ll walk through the year on a very delicious note. 

The kitchen is always the most beloved areas in most homes. That is because it is the epicenter of all action. For this reason, you have all the reasons to add up a few things to ace up your day when you go to make your family their favorite meal. Now buckle up as were are going to do some shopping!

Top 20 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets Reviewed by on . Whether you are trying to become a master chef or simply you are just learning your way around the kitchen, this article is at your best interest. When it comes Whether you are trying to become a master chef or simply you are just learning your way around the kitchen, this article is at your best interest. When it comes Rating: 0
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